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Friday, April 1, 2011

happy April and a cute birthday present from junior !

salam. first of all, happy April not happy April Fool yeahh ! i say like that because of today is 1st April thats mean i have 7 more months for SPM ! wow ! so good luck to me.

yesterday is my birthday so one of my juniors has gave me a birthday present. seriously, i'm really shocked when my sister gave me the present and she said that "bdk cina form 3 bagi". wow ! i'm really appreciate it. the present is so cutteeee. i love it ♥. thanks a lot girl. this is my first time that i got the birthday present from my junior and chinese girl. so this is the present.

so cute rite? left is mine and right is my twin.

besides that, i was got a note at my table. as a daily and perfect's exco, i needed to bertugas till 7.30am. after duty, i go back to the class and i was saw a pink's small paper at my table. then i was read the note. the note is from Nur Aisyah bt Shukor a.k.a my 'twin'. HAHA. this is the note :

a note from aisyah.
aminn and thankss. i will do not to forget u la because u're my 'twin' also. HAHA

so, thats all. akhir kata, thankss a lot yeahh ! ♥ wsalam.
aku adalah AKU,anda adalah ANDA

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